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Where I’m from, many of my friends didn’t expect to see 25. Unfortunately, for some of them, those expectations came true. We grew up in a space where violence and death was so common, it became normalized for many of us.


There is a lot of trauma, but hardly any resources to cope with it in our community. How do we respond when this trauma comes so close to home? When it happens to someone you know? So young and innocent?


Eye for an i is a poetic, intimate and authentic portrayal of a young black teen, his family, and his community navigating their trauma and grief. I want to explore the journey of grief through Jeremiah’s eyes. I’m hoping to pay homage to my community and share our humanity with others. Not just to sensationalize our pain, but to provide a truthful portrayal of tragic circumstances — which is a harsh reality for many. My goal is to make this a tool to further the conversation of healing needed in my community.

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